Winners YST2017


Songas Special Award

Region: Ruvuma

Students: Clemence Tafiti and Emilian Haule

School Kigonsera High

Project title: Making A Simple Electric Circuit as Security System


READ International Library Refurbishment Award

Region: Kigoma

Students: Lucas Kibila and Stide Shedrack

School Mwananchi

Project title: Is the Bryophyllum Plant a Natural Laboratory Reagent?


First Car Rental prize

Region: Arusha

Students: Swaumu Makongoro and Raynarious Zakaria

School Arusha Modern

Project title: The Dependency on Petroleum in Arusha


Human Development Innovation Fund Award

Region: Unguja

Students: Abdul Rahman Banisheyba and Hudhaifat Hamdan

School Suza

Project title: Edible Bug Juice


Institute of Physics award

Region: Singada

Students: Ester Madoro and Mariam Senge

School Kijota

Project title: Can Rosella Flowers From Our Environment Solve The Problem Of Importing Litmus Papers?


Tyndall Institute/IPIC special prize

Region: Tanga

Students: Maryam Mwanga and Asila Ibrahim

School: Mkwakwani

Project title: An Inexpensive Local Solar Water Distillation in School Laboratories


Statoil Award

Region: Tanga

Students: Zuhura Riziki and Focus Seth

School: Macechu

Project title: ICT For Solution Of Students Results Problem In Primary Schools In Tanga City


Teacher Award - a special award recognising commitment in supporting their region, school and students

Teacher: Hilda Mwaja from Nasa Secondary School, Simiyu


Special Education Scholarship

Students: Stephano Chacha and Naima Mohamed

Vingunguti Secondary School


Category Awards


3rd place:

Region: Coast

Students: Frank Kapinga and Joel Kajiru

School Kibaha

Project title: Sound Controlled Electric Switch


2nd place:

Region: Kilimanjaro

Students: Khatibu Mgunya and Yasin Bahati

School Same

Project title: Automatic Wireless Charger


1st Place:

Region: Kilimanjaro

Students: Francis Shirima and Adolf Katambi

School Maua Seminary

Project title: Educating Deaf Using Speech Recognition



Chemical, Physical and Mathematical sciences

3rd place:

Region: Arusha

Students: Lameck Masau and Nadia Kabwe

School Edmund Rice Sinon

Project title: Simple Hot Shower Invention for Large Groups

2nd place:

Region: Simiyu

Students: Justine Justine and Dennis Albin

School Bariadi

Project title: Utilising Plastic Waste

1st Place:

Region: Coast

Students: Editha Timothy and Specioza Magesa

School Premier Girls

Project title: Use Of Field Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer To Determine The Contents Of Toxic Metals In Soil From Densely Populated Mwambao Bagamoyo And Sinza-Dar Es Salaam Areas


Biological & Ecological Sciences

3rd place:

Region: Mtwara

Students: Brenda Crispin and Beatrice Crispin

School Aquinas

Project title: Production Of An Alternative Mosquito Repellent Using Local Organic Material

2nd place:

Region: Kagera

Students: Redempotius Respicius and Baris Rajab

School Ihungo

Project title: Local Way Of Detecting Soil PH In order To Improve Agriculture Sector

1st Place:

Region: Morogoro

Students: Bryson Quambaita and Geoffrey Nassar

School Mzumbe

Project title: The Turning Point Towards The Flourishment Of the Agricultural Sector In Tanzania


Social and Behavioural Sciences

3rd place:

Region: Mtwara

Students: Masha Mbwana and Heavenlight Mshomi

School Mtwara Girls

Project title: Is Science Teacher Shortage a Problem in Mtwara?

2nd place:

Region: Dar es Salaam

Students: Elizabeth Hange and Salma Mbano

School Loyola

Project title: Pink Box Project

1st Place:

Region: Singida

Students: Julius Luchiga and Stanley Paul

School Ilongero High

Project title: The Household Hunger Score Project



Runner Up

Region: Morogoro

Students: Mawata Matukuta and Annagrace Malamsha

School Kilakala

Project title: Effectiveness Of The Maru Hotpot In Maintaining Heat In Food




Region: Arusha

Students: Prosper Gasper and Eric Simon

School St Judes

Project title: The Use of the Mobile Networks as a fire alert system