Winners of YST 2012
Aisha Nduku, Monica Shinina, Nengai Moses Kibosho Girls, Kilimanjaro

Project: Industrial fertilisers and increased nitrites in water 

In keeping with Tanzania’s goals to encourage scientific education and with it broader economic development, the Hon. Prof. Makame Mbarawa (MP), Tanzania’s Minister for Communication, Science and Technology, on the 25th October 2012 announced the winners of the first Young Scientists Tanzania, a nationwide science and technology event that is providing a platform for young people from across Tanzania to showcase their scientific talents.

The inaugural winners of Young Scientists Tanzania are Aisha Nduku, Monica Shinina and Nengai Moses from Kibosho Girls Secondary School in Kilimanjaro. Their project was titled: Industrial fertilisers and increased nitrites in water.  


Sponsored principally by the Pearson Foundation and Irish Aid, Young Scientists Tanzania is modeled on the internationally acclaimed Young Scientist Exhibition in Ireland. Like this annual event, now in its 48th year, Young Scientists Tanzania 2012 aims to popularize science among young people through this competition in which both schools and students can take part.

Young Scientists Tanzania would like to acknowledge the support provided by Dr. Tony Scott through Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition Ltd Ireland.


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